Hello beautiful woman. Have you had enough of suffering with debilitating premenstrual mood disturbances every month? Wouldn’t it be incredible if you were no longer triggered, you were at peace and simply had your period arrive each month without the usual emotional tsunami? Wouldn’t it be amazing to be free of medication and to feel at home in your skin through all phases of your monthly cycle? Wouldn’t it be a relief to have stable, thriving relationships with those you love no matter where in your hormonal cycle you were?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • Perhaps, you feel you’ve tried everything from birth control to antidepressants to diet changes to expensive supplements to yoga to acupuncture to therapy and NOTHING IS WORKING – you are still irritable, angry, feeling worthless and experiencing a whole body flood of deep sadness every… damn… month!
  • Perhaps, you are afraid your partner is going to eventually have enough of this chaos and leave you
  • Perhaps, you are worried that your kids are suffering as a result of seeing you so sad and angry each month and the guilt is eating you up inside
  • Perhaps, your professional life is suffering because you are only at your best 1-3 weeks of the month and you feel powerless to become the success you know you could be if it weren’t for these debilitating, premenstrual mood changes.
  • Perhaps you’ve even had moments where you begin to wonder whether everyone would be better off without you 🙁

I know how all of this feels, because many of these scenarios used to be me.

I’m here to tell you beautiful soul, all of that can change.

What I’ve learned about women experiencing premenstrual dysphoria is that they have two things in common:

  • High empathy
  • Trauma (micro or macro)

I believe this is key in understanding and healing PMDD. I don’t want to take away woman’s sensitivity or numb her out. This sensitivity is a GIFT! It allows us to feel and sense deeply. Without it in fact, I wouldn’t be the therapist I am. The trouble is, if we have deep-seated pain, it is a double-edged sword, because our sensitivity allows us to feel that pain so intensely.

The therapy you experience in the Red Tent allows you to heal your subconscious wounds (negative beliefs usually created in childhood), so that when the hormones shift and your sensitivity and inward focus increases, there aren’t any wounds to magnify/trigger. I have experienced this in myself – the whole journey, from chaos to inner peace. This is why I am so passionate about helping other women out of the fire.

Introducing The Red Tent Programme for PMDD

An eight week programme for women with PMDD, combining Rapid Transformational Therapy and Metacognitive coaching in one on one and group sessions. The Red Tent for PMDD is an immersive journey for brave committed women who are ready to heal the symptoms of PMDD at a deep level for good, without medication or surgery. Along with Rapid Transformational Therapy and Metacogntive training which you receive working with me, I also share decades of my own learning into this eight week programme so you don’t have to go on struggling for years (like I did).

During the eight weeks you will receive:

  • A one one one introduction session (1 hour)
  • Two Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions (2 hours each)
  • Your personalised hypnosis recordings (21 day programme)
  • Two follow up sessions
  • Six weekly group Meta Cognitive Psychology Coaching sessions
  • Access to the closed Facebook group “The Red Tent”
  • Email/messenger access to me every day of the journey

I will be with you the entire way, matching your commitment to finding emotional freedom from premenstrual dysphoria. All sessions take place over Zoom so wherever you are in the world, we can work together. You book your one to one sessions in with me at a time convenient to both of us and the group sessions take place on Sundays at 9pm CEST (Copenhagen). Previous members have been from Canada, the US, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa and Denmark. PMDD affects women everywhere and in the Red Tent we come together!

  • Imagine having your period arrive without any of the usual emotional chaos and upheaval that you’ve grown accustomed to?
  • Imagine if you really loved yourself – all of you – not just the parts you have deemed lovable. What would it feel like if PMDD was a thing of the past?
  • Imagine your relationships thriving and growing, now that the angry outbursts, feelings of hopelessness and deep sadness aren’t tearing them apart each month.

This is the reality for the women I work with and it could be you too, in less than three cycles.

I feel like I’ve tried EVERYTHING! Why is this programme any different?

Oh I hear you! I had tried everything too when I came across Marisa Peer and her method RTT. Nothing worked. Therapy, supplements, yoga, meditation, diet changes – they all felt good but nothing shifted the root problem. Now after RTT and meta-cognitive training, I haven’t had PMDD symptoms in almost two years and I have zero fear of it ever returning. I now see the same transformation in my clients and I want the same freedom for you.

I’ve had PMDD for decades. Can it really be healed in a matter of months?

The Rapid Transformational Therapy I offer treats PMDD from both a subconscious and a conscious level – this is the key! It is not just a hormonal issue. The sensitivity women with PMDD have to the hormonal shift triggers deep emotional pain and unprocessed trauma. We find and heal many of the deepest, most painful subconscious negative beliefs using Rapid Transformational Therapy, so that when each month your hormones shift, there will be nothing left to magnify and bring to the surface.  Being “triggered” will no longer be something you dread or fear, firstly because it will rarely happen and secondly because if it does, you will have all the tools to stay present and see it as an opportunity for self-discovery and healing.

What if it comes back? I have had good periods before but it never lasts

Your awareness and understanding will be so great after taking this journey with me, that you will never be taken over by the pain in the same way ever again, firstly because you will have healed at a deep level and secondly because you will have learned how to get back in the driver’s seat of your own mind, so that you choose which thoughts you engage with and not the other way around.

I have no control over my thoughts and feelings when I am premenstrual. It’s like I’m possessed! How can this help?

Your thoughts come before your feelings do. The key is getting a handle on them, so you are in the driver’s seat in your head. Right now your thoughts are thinking you instead of the other way around and as you have probably heard “Your mind makes a wonderful servant but a terrible master”. On a conscious level, you will train your mind using a method called Meta Cognitive Therapy. With this neuro-training you become able to take distance from your thoughts, you will know that you are the watcher and you will have an incredible ability to choose the thoughts you want to engage with. You will develop solution-focused thinking and be very good at knowing when to simply shift your focus.

On a subconscious level, RTT heals the trauma that is being triggered to give you these overwhelming emotions and negative thoughts, so there is much more peace in your mind generally.

All of our work is based in principles of neuro-plasticity. Your brain will physically rewire over the eight weeks, meaning you will literally upgrade your own operating system.

You will never be the same. And I mean that it the most wonderful way.

This work is my life’s purpose. I am unique as a therapist because understand PMDD from the patient side after living with it for well over a decade. I have been through the same struggles as you:

  • I have felt overwhelming guilt over losing it with my kids
  • I have felt completely worthless (and then a week later felt absolutely fine and happy – what the hell is wrong with me???)
  • I used to let my mind drift to that dark, quicksand pit in my mind where the forbidden thoughts like “everyone would probably be better off without me” would suck me under
  • I have created massive dramas with my partner, damaging our relationship and then having to work to clean it all up the week afterwards. In fact my first marriage did not survive.

The list goes on. All that however is a thing of the past…like looking back at someone else. I am a new woman and you can be too.

I know it is a living hell and that is why I am so committed to helping women out of that fire that I am now free of. You are no different to me. If I can heal, you can too. And I know exactly the steps you need to take to do it. Working with me will save you the years of pain and suffering it took me to know what I now know. I will share it ALL.

What are my qualifications?

Personal journey aside, I have a degree in Psychology, I am a Certified Stress Coach and Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner (trained under world-renowned therapist, author and speaker Marisa Peer). I have helped hundreds of people all over the world to heal deep trauma, find freedom from limiting, negative belief patterns and step into their authentic selves to live the life they really deserve. I am also mum to four amazing kids ranging from 4 to 17… and boy have they taught me a lot over the years! I have combined all my professional and personal skills, knowledge and wisdom to create this programme – I have poured myself into it and it is my honour, purpose and privilege to do this important work.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Here’s what previous Red Tent clients have to say about their healing journey.


I’m celebrating my 13th consecutive menstrual cycle of being PMDD-free and I can honestly say – actually I would like to paint this across the sky!! – that being led to Natalie has been one of the greatest gifts of my life. It was about 15 months ago, when I was at an absolute low – and after having tried everything short of a full hysterectomy – that I had a powerful realisation: to find a way out of the cyclical suffering and chaos that has characterised most of my adult life, I would have to fully own my pain and get to the root of it. Today I believe with absolute certainty that anyone who can find the courage and determination to embark on this journey of self-discovery and healing can make PMDD a thing of the past. It’s taken a lot of courage and fierce intent to get from being in a place of absolute disconnect and hopelessness to feeling so alive and grateful, but I’ve done it and I now feel an overwhelming urge and responsibility to get the message out there that PMDD can be overcome, and that Natalie can help you to do that with RTT – such an incredibly powerful healing modality – and her unique Red Tent Coaching Programme. Thank you, Natalie 

 Karoline Kristen, Berlin


I pretty much learned about PMDD and realised I had PMDD at the same moment. This little know disorder had a major effect on my life without me knowing what it was, I had assumed that my premenstrual behaviour was normal and when my behaviour was clearly not normal I couldn’t be sure which me was the real me, was I faking the PMS or was I pretending to me nice – both felt very real. However, knowledge is power and I used my power to find help. That help took the form of Natalie and her RTT-based program for PMDD sufferers (The Red Tent).

My first RTT session with Natalie was truly transformational, and immediately so. Since that first session, I have had two menstrual cycles each easier than the last. It is surprising to me how easy a period can be, do other women experience this all the time? Are there women out there who have never experienced irrational irritability and misdirected rage during their premenstrual period?I feel like Natalie has cured me. I no longer have PMDD and as I continue with The Red Tent program, I hope to discover more about myself and realise the potential I didn’t know I had. The potential to accept myself fully and to feel whole.

Paula Hedley, Copenhagen


Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have managed to finally get better with my PMDD symptoms and I haven’t felt so much love for myself since I can remember. And of course everything in life gets better and easier when I have love and compassion towards myself. My life now looks bright and I know I can fulfill my potential both as a mother and business woman. Will always be grateful for this program and the amazing work by Natalie.

Anica Bozinovski, Melbourne Australia


I would highly recommend Natalie and the Red Tent to anyone suffering from PMDD (and actually, I can’t seem to stop recommending her to everyone, including those without PMDD too!). Her work is so powerful, and I was pretty skeptical at first – but after speaking to a previous member of the red tent who had amazing results, I decided to take the leap. I am so glad I did. I no longer consider myself to have PMDD. The Red Tent Programme has completely transformed every element of my life. I never knew the power I had over my thoughts and behaviours, so the combination of the meta-cognitive psychotherapy with the RTT is truly brilliant. Natalie is so compassionate, caring and wise, and I am so, so grateful to her. Thank you Natalie!!

Tiana, London


I came across Natalie’s PMDD services via Facebook. I had a lot of PMDD symptoms and was experiencing a lot of emotional and physical pain at the time. Crying, extreme fatigue, feelings of worthlessness, guilt and feeling trapped. Her unique treatment gave me HOPE. I decided after reading her Facebook page to get in contact with this lovely Aussie lady from Denmark. What intrigued me the most was the fact she herself had suffered from PMDD and used her experiences, trauma and training to dedicate her life to helping woman all over the world suffering from PMDD. Nat and I had a few sessions and her extraordinary attention to the details of my story through her listening skills, and her gift to interpret my trauma into something positive and special became her gift to me and acted as a tool I could use to begin my healing journey. More importantly I realize I am not my illness and any kind of trauma and how I related to it could be changed through choice. In turn this brought me relief, freedom, and the ability to recognize I had the power and control to heal myself.
It also changed how my brain and body interpreted shame, hate, stress, guilt and blame.
Natalie’s sessions and group therapy helped me understand that in fact “I WAS ENOUGH” even when my heart and head believed otherwise and that “we are all worthy of love” most importantly “we need to love ourselves” without that we are stagnant, stuck an unable to heal.
Nat has been truly heaven-sent,  a PMDD Angel. When I described my life to Nat as “all I see is black and white” she guided me towards the light so I could see colour again.
Our sessions eventually ended however her on-going support and compassion has been everlasting.
Thank you Nat for everything.

Kelly Nixon, Canada


For years I battled on by myself trying to balance my hormones and find a way out of the issues that come with that to no avail. I had been desperately seeking others who truly understood and a support group but nothing existed for me in my city. I was incredibly excited to find Natalie and the program that she offers.The one-to-one Rapid Transformational hypnotherapy sessions combined with the weekly small group webinars have been both essential and life changing and if you are battling with PMDD, PCOS or other hormonal related issues, I strongly recommend getting in touch with Natalie as soon as you can. Not only is she highly knowledgeable and experienced, she is also kind, compassionate and thoughtful in her approach which in turn teaches you to be the same with yourself. Thank you Natalie – I am forever grateful that you are doing this work.

Amy Coutts, Brighton UK


Before I met Natalie I was just about surviving. I’d just about get through each month, but the continuous pattern of feeling hopeful and capable just after my period, to then hating myself, feeling suicidal and just so low after ovulation was taking its toll. How much longer could I go on like this? Something had to change. 

Natalie’s work has truly changed my life. I am so grateful to her. I’ve spent my whole life hating myself, but now I have a good relationship with myself. I am learning who I am and I love that person! I bring compassion to myself and the lows are not as low as they used to be. 

It feels like I’ve come out of my depression, I’m making plans for the future, I’m enjoying doing things. I feel so different and I’ve learnt so much from this programme. I never knew the power I had over my thoughts and behaviours. I feel like I am now thriving, I feel hopeful for my future and that I can achieve things, which I never felt before.

Every element of my life has improved. My relationship with my boyfriend has never been better.

I am improving at work. Cheesy as it sounds, I’ve made a new best friend – myself. I never thought that could be possible.

Whilst I still have some PMDD symptoms I am so much better at dealing with them. My life is so much better and it’s all down to Natalie and her brilliant work and patience. 

If you’re suffering with PMDD and considering the Red Tent Programme, DO IT!!! I was so apprehensive at first – it all sounded too good to be true to be honest… It is so worth it.

I talked to a previous member of the Red Tent and she was so positive. It’s by far the best money I have ever spent: a true investment in my well being. 

Tatiana Orme, London UK


Natalie is wonderful and completely understands what I am talking about as she has been through it herself. The Red Tent Programme has changed my life. I am so thankful. If you are ready for change you should definitely reach out to Natalie.

Sofia Periera, New York City


I came to Natalie after years of struggling with PMDD. I had every symptom ranging from complete rage to suicidal thoughts. I was unable to function half of the month and could barely get out of bed at times for days and went to every doctor imaginable. I was approved to have a hysterectomy but right before I started down that path further, I saw someone online suggest “The Red Tent”. At first I was very skeptical of anything helping me at that point, but after talking to Natalie I felt that she understood me and my symptoms more than anyone had before. I had my first RTT session and almost instantly I felt a burden lift off of me. I was no longer constantly in “flight or fight” mode. I literally felt like a different person. Then after days went by of listening to her recording and her training on how to become the watcher of my thoughts rather than engaging with them all I was free. Suddenly lying in bed was no longer even possible for me to do! I got off of all medications and am able to embrace my feelings now rather than run from them. For me RTT and Natalie’s methods have saved my life. I am forever grateful for the tools she has given me and to anyone who is considering doing her program, DO IT! I promise you will not regret it. Thank you Natalie!!!

Amanda, USA


After years and years of suffering from PMDD I came across Natalie’s Red Tent Program via her Instagram page.   I am so incredibly grateful that I found Natalie and her life changing program.  The PMDD that I suffered from every single month left me depressed, hopeless, and often unable to function for a third of every single month.  The most simple of tasks, like getting dressed for the day, felt impossible.  I often had feelings of just wanting to disappear, to cease to exist. I felt as though I turned into a completely different person once a month, one who I scarcely recognized. I was actually at a point where I was considering a hysterectomy to end the monthly hell.  After finding Natalie’s Instagram page I contacted her and we had our initial consultation.  I immediately felt at ease and comfortable, and I knew in my gut that the program Natalie was offering would create an everlasting change.  I was not disappointed. Between the RTT sessions and the methods I learned to monitor and control my own thoughts, I feel like I am finally free from the monthly hell that has had a grip on my life for so many years.  I have learned to view my sensitivity as a gift, and I see myself for the beautiful woman that I am…thank you Natalie for helping me to realize that I AM ENOUGH.  If you have been suffering from PMDD and are considering this program, do not hesitate!  You do not need to suffer any longer.  It will change your life!     

Martha, USA


After many months of trying to find a solution how to find a peace of mind, meeting with Natalie seemed like a long shot in achieving that. I can confidently say that the RTT session was the most impressive, eye-opening experience I have ever had. Natalie is extremely professional and made me feel comfortable and safe throughout our session. With her help I revisited childhood memories and experiences to understand the drivers of the imbalance in my soul that I feel as a grown woman and new mom. I felt an immediate relief during our session from the tensions in my body and an ease of the sorrow in my heart. 
Now I know how to redirect my energy and the love I have to give towards more rewarding experiences than I did in the past. Now I cherish who I am welcoming a full spectrum of emotions, including those that I previously labelled as not lovable. 
My journey to love myself, accept myself and passing that on to my children has just begun and I confidently look into the future embracing whatever I may come across. I am lovable. Thank you Natalie, for showing me the way.

Madeleine, Copenhagen


This could be you too in a matter of weeks.

Like me, you could spend thousands of dollars trying to fix this – psychologists, medication, birth control, supplements (my husband used to joke that my pee must have been worth $5 a glass!), drastic surgery…. Only to find you are still stuck.

Like me, you could waste years of your life (one to two weeks out of four is a LOT to just write off!) and do all sorts of damage to the relationships that mean the most to you.

What price would you put on that? I think you would agree that it’s impossible to put a price on any of it – you can’t put a price on days of your life or your well-being or your inner peace or the quality of your relationships, because that stuff is priceless.

The investment for the full Red Tent Programme is 11,950DKK (around $1550US), however due to demand this price is going up to 13,950DKK from November.

Due to the intense and personal nature of this work, I only work with six women at a time.

Every month you don’t do something about PMDD is another month you are never getting back. Another blow to your relationship with your partner or kids that leaves yet another scar. Another month where you have been living in pain instead of in joy. You deserve better than that and you are worth the fight.

Before we can work together, we need to meet to ensure you are a good match for the programme. I only take on clients I am certain I can help so it is crucial we have this consultation. Book yours here: www.calendly.com/natalieryanhebert

There is hope. Living with the debilitating symptoms of PMDD does not have to be a life sentence. Please reach out to me. It is my passion and purpose to help women on this journey from PMDD to inner peace – I’ve healed myself of it, I have walked this path and I KNOW it is possible…if I can do it, you can too!

Love Natalie