If you’ve found your way here you are probably looking for some help. Maybe you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or perhaps you’re stressed out to your eyeballs. Maybe you’re snappier with your loved ones than you’d like to be, down on yourself or downright frustrated that you are not happy, when you seem to have everything. All you want is to be able to feel a balance in your life – work, parenthood, relationships. Can you relate?

As a mother of four (ranging from toddlers to teenagers) who has worked in the corporate world, run a company, found myself (and new love) after a divorce and moved countries (twice), I know first hand how challenging certain periods of life can be. I offer two very different forms of therapy. Rapid Transformational Therapy and MINDStrain Coaching. Read more about them to see which one you feel suits you best or schedule a free 15 min consultation with me so we can create the perfect programme for you.

With love


BSc Psych.
Cert Stress Coach
Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner