The ability to control your imagination through refocusing your thoughts in any situation is priceless, because no matter what life throws at you, you can imagine something better and change your feeling. 

Every time you react to your life in a negative way on the other hand – “This is a nightmare”, “I’m so sick of this”, “I’m so tired”, “This is killing me”… listen to the suggestive words your are giving your subconscious! Think of times for example as parent or at work where you’ve felt overwhelmed – when you tell yourself, “I can’t cope with this anymore” – you are in fact giving your mind a direct command – and guess what shortly follows usually? That’s right, exactly what you just told yourself. You can’t cope and you snap. 

If instead you take deep breaths and say to your mind, “I have phenomenal coping skills. I can do this. I am the adult in this situation and I set the tone”, your body reacts completely differently. Always be mindful of which words follow “I am…” Your subconscious is always listening, and whatever you repeat often enough, it will wire in to make automatic – the same way it does with riding a bike or playing piano. Ask yourself, would I want this current thought to become true for me? If not, then change it. You have the power to do that!

RTT of course helps with rewiring your subconscious rapidly, but your subconscious is always listening to what you tell it. Your mind is like your own private genie. So be careful what you are commanding it to do! Your mind is always doing what it thinks you want it to do. How does your mind know what you want of it? By the words and images you repeat. Your genie says, “Oh, she seems to be thinking this a LOT – I’ll just go ahead and wire it in to save her the effort. May as well make it automatic”.

This can work FOR or AGAINST you. 

It is called looping thinking or self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Thought: “Ugh, I’m so lazy. I’m so overweight. I’ll never be slim”
Feeling: demotivated, low, negative feelings about self
Action: Go grab a packet of crisps and sit on the sofa to make yourself feel better and distract yourself with some Netflix
which leads back to….. 
Thought: “Ugh, I’m so lazy. I’m so overweight. I’ll never be slim”.

We don’t need to change our actions. We need to change the thought that precedes the feeling that precedes the action. You can do that consciously by being present and aware of your thoughts and through RTT or other forms of hypnosis, if you want a faster, easier way.

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